Garnering attention for her sultry lingerie shots and 15 second bondage videos, 19 year old Instagram user @sachdenfreude has grown quite an interesting fan base.

A genius and ironic play on words, her username comes from an anagram of the German word Schadenfreude, meaning pleasure derived from someone else's pain or misfortune.

Rearranging the first few letters of the word to spell out her name Sach, the anagram sachdenfreude just stuck with her.

I first came across Sach's Instagram when scrolling through the feed of popular minimalist black work tattoo artist Curt Montgomery. Curt had tattooed Sach with a now famous image from his collection of flash, a black ski mask on her rib-cage. The first of 10 tattoos from Curt, Sach now has 21 tattoos in total (a number she came to after recounting 5 times).

Much like her body, her Instagram feed is an ever-growing collective art piece, made up of a melange of self-portraits as well as professional photos and snippets of her poetry.

Toying with sexual art and feminist ideology, Sach's use of her own body in her art makes it very personal, but not subjective.

Citing performance artist Marina Abramovic and musician Keaton Henson as inspiration, Sach's art is certainly stimulated by existentialist influences and in her own words, "Kanye West".

Listing her favourite books, American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis is a standout. On the opposite end of the spectrum, she lists 48 Laws of Power by Robert Green as having a major impact on her.

Sach describes her style as hyper-romantic and likes to experiment with the concept of desexualizing women in various states of undress and destigmatize art that might be seen as pornographic or inappropriate.

A force to be reckon with on the Internet, expect to see a lot more of Sach in the coming year.