Laura Ritchie

Girl boss at DC's elite event planning company Grit and Grace, Laura Ritchie is 2016's J-Lo circa, "The Wedding Planner" - headset and all. 

Photo: Abby Jiu Photography//Grit and Grace inc

Photo: Abby Jiu Photography//Grit and Grace inc

33 year old mother of 2, Ritchie looks not a day over 25. For this, she thanks her sanity saving assistant, Brittany Dumond. 

After graduating university with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing, Laura decided to take her background in fashion and apply it to her interest in interiors and pursue designing fashion forward events. 

8 years ago, she turned it into a business, working with a team of talented individuals to create visually stunning, personalized events for clients and brides to be. 

Laura describes her style as eclectic. A mix of grit and grace, if you will. She prides herself on being flexible and providing a truly customer-centric experience. She likes to stray from the typical and instead go above and beyond to design intimately personal and unique events. 

The Grit and Grace team are responsible for making sure everything goes according to plan.

Photo: Abby Jiu Photography// Grit and Grace inc

Photo: Abby Jiu Photography// Grit and Grace inc

On venue at all times, is what Laura calls her emergency event caboodle, filled with the essentials such as, scissors, pens, safety pins, breath mints, a clipboard, walkie-talkies and fashion tape to make sure everything stays in place. 

Laura says that the keys to event planning are a strong team, and the want to put passion before profit. Appreciating the power you have to create unforgettable moments.

She's got a lot planned in the coming year, already working on events for next Fall. Expect to see larger than life venues and absolute wedding magic from Laura and the Grit and Grace team in 2017.

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