Aemilia Madden of Who What Wear

Aemilia Madden is the fashion editor of Clique Media Group's Who What Wear. It's Aemilia's job to write news articles and features on trends, talk to fashion experts, and create informative content. 


Aemilia studied Political Economics at Berkeley, which she says helped her sharpen her critial thinking skills, and really allowed her to develop strong writing and reporting abilities. She completed over 5 internships before finding herself at the digital media company POPSUGAR as an editorial intern. She learned more about digital content creation and wrote and edited articles for POPSUGAR's multiple websites. She moved up in the company, later securing herself a position as Assistant Fashion editor and growing her budding interest in fashion.

A tyical day for Aemilia can include writing and editing articles, meeting with brand to view upcoming collections, visiting PR companies, participating in staff meetings, etc. The 26 year old says one of the most difficult parts of the job is not falling prey to burnout. Aemilia has learned to get used to the hustle and bustle of New York City, and emphasizes the importance of time management.


Madden, like most career women, is in pursuit of the oh-so coveted work/life balance we've only heard about. Aemilia's advice is to notice when your workload is starting to take over and try to prioritize me-time. 

Now having worked at Who What Wear for over a year, Aemilia has become something of a fashion expert. She's grown an audience of Who What Wear readers who look to her for advice and fashion news. This, she says, is the best part of the job. Interacting with her social media followers, answering questions about her pieces, and receiving feedback from readers really puts context to her work. 


Aemilia's favorite pieces to write are the interactive ones; articles where she gets to experiment and collaborate with others rather than just reporting objectively. 

Madden's advice to aspiring fashion editors is to pursue internships and take on as many opportunities to learn as possible. Start building a portfolio of writing samples, start a blog, pitch to websites, do what you can to gain experience and get your name out there. 

Looking forward, Aemilia hopes to continue and expand her work as a fashion editor.