Alexandra Finkel of Bustle

Meet Alexandra Finkel. Editorial Operations Director and self-proclaimed Olivia Pope of Bustle. 

The acclaimed problem fixer is in charge of Bustle's ins and outs, from budgeting to partnership, to human resources and recruitment. 

Alex got her start in the editing world after graduating from Northwestern with a degree in Journalism. She completed 8 internships at different publications including American Salon,, SELF Magazine, Time Out New York, and (just to name a few). 

She then got hired as the Assistant Editor of Editorial Operations at Condé Nast, working on a newsletter campaign to promote a partnership with Hewlett-Packard. After a year at Condé Nast, she was contacted by the founders of Bustle and was asked to be a part of the project. 

Finkel joined the Bustle team in 2013 before the official launch of in August of the same year. As a founding editor, she's had the opportunity to watch Bustle grow into what it is today. 

Alex says the premise behind Bustle is simple, "to provide a platform for millennial women by millennial women." This model has proven to work for them as Bustle attracts over 50 Million unique visitors a month. 

Illustration by Tina Gong

Illustration by Tina Gong

Ringing in her 4th year at Bustle this month, Alex is now 27 and has helped grow Bustle's team to around 400 employees both full and part-time.

Bustle started a series this year called "2017 IRL" (In Real Life) in which they break down resolutions and how we can tweak them to be better versions of ourselves this year. Helping us turn our resolutions into reality rather than broken promises.

In addition to this, Bustle has also launched a video series called NSFWomen that covers feminist topics in a gritty documentary style. Their most popular video to date, "How do Homeless Women Cope With Their Periods?" having garnered almost 3.5 Million views already. 

Looking to write for Bustle? Finkel's tips for pitching include getting familiar with the site's content, making sure you're not pitching an idea that's been done before, properly introducing yourself along with your pitch/submission, letting your personality come through in your work (don't sound like a robot), and explaining why your article would be a good fit for Bustle.

Alex has helped build the company from the ground up, conquering the online media space one article at a time. 

It's clear that Finkel - like Bustle, is a force to be reckoned with. 

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