Allegra Messina

Allegra Messina is an American photographer based out of California.

The West Coast shutterbug moved from Seattle, Washington when she was 18 to go to school in Los Angeles. Now 19 going on 20, Messina has already made a name for herself internationally. To date, Allegra's Instagram @messinaphotos already has 60k followers and growing. With this platform, she wants to use her influence to question standards. She likes to play with gender and race and provoke thought through her photography. 

Allegra blends LA cool with Seattle's nature vibes in a way that's become synonymous with her name, She likes to break out from the typical "California Girl" photoshoots and find diverse models. Messina says she's gotten tired of shooting stereotypical thin white models and wants her work to break boundaries and tackle race and social issues. 

She cites assorted female photographers as inspiration, such as Maddy Welk and Savannah Castranda. She says that if she had to pick a career role model, she would name Annie Lebovitz for not only being one of the most iconic photographers, but for her diverse portfolio as not just a portrait or fashion photographer. 

Messina also takes inspiration from assorted books. Among her favourites, she lists Tar Baby by Toni Morrison and The Solitude of Prime Numbers by Paolo Giordano. 

In Allegra's toolbox of essentials, she always carries her Nikon D750 and 35mm lens which she uses for most shots. 

This year, expect to see a lot more of Allegra. 



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