Allie Gonino


Meet Allie Gonino. A Texas born actress and musician based out of Los Angeles, California. She's known for having played Laurel Mercer on the ABC Family TV Show The Lying Game as well as playing Rachel Jensen in SundanceTV's The Red Road. 

Allie grew up in Texas, playing violin and dancing ballet since the age of 7. She spent most of her childhood expanding her talents in music and entertainment, learning how to play the fiddle, guitar, and mandolin. At 15, she left Texas and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music and acting with full force. Gonino took on roles guest starring on various children's TV shows, which she says ultimately lead to more and more opportunities. 

Allie's love for theatre was struck by The Wizard of Oz musical. As a child, she loved to perform and was drawn to drama as an art form. She didn't originally intend on being a screen actress until she moved to Los Angeles and took acting classes. She stresses that everyone's career path is different and that there are many ways to get involved in the industry. There is no one conventional formula and it's important to keep that in mind when considering pursuing a career. She notes that social media has drastically changed the environment for actors and actresses alike and that it's become more common for influences with no acting experience to be booked for roles despite not having a passion for the art and craft. 

In 2007, Allie joined The Stunners, a girl group based out of California. Throughout her time with the group, Allie balanced her music career with taking on and auditioning for TV and movie roles. After having turned down a couple of large roles due to schedule conflicts, Allie was offered a recurring role co-starring as Laurel Mercer in The Lying Game. In an ultimately career making move, Allie accepted the role and The Stunners disbanded soon after. 


In 2011, Allie, along with her friends Adam Brooks and Andy Fischer-Price formed The Good Mad. An alternative band whose sound incorporates folk and jazz influences. Gonino's band was featured on The Lying Game as her character Laurel's band Strangeworthy (which happens to be the title of The Good Mad's second EP). Allie wrote songs for Laurel to sing on the show such as "In The Grey" which was written about turmoil facing the Mercer family in the show. She takes inspiration from a mix of genres, from folk to country, to pop. She takes these influences and creates a modern twist on classic styles, weaving in instruments we don't get to hear often enough today, such as the violin and mandolin. 

The Good Mad went on to release another EP, Face Your Feels in 2015. Gonino is currently working on her first solo album and starred in a musical horror film to be released in the next year.

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