Allison Callaway of Activist Skincare

Allison Callaway is the founder and CEO of Activist Skincare, a brand that specializes in custom, made to order skincare products with active ingredients tailored to your skin type and concerns.

Allison believes that skincare shouldn't be a one-size-fits-all ordeal and that we shouldn't have to try out endless amounts of different products to target all of our needs. Activist Skincare also donates 5% of sales to charity, typically environmental protection and human rights organizations.


Allison says that growing up, she suffered from sensitive, acne-prone skin which prompted her to learn about ingredients and how they affected your skin internally and externally. She learned to deal with her acne and then started to look more into anti-aging. Armed with her knowledge of skincare and a drive to help change the world, Allison became fascinated by the concept of conscious capitalism.  

Having graduated from University of North Carolina with a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication, she continued her post-secondary studies in New Media and Journalism. Allison originally intended on being an investigative journalist and consumer advocate, but got scared off by the extreme competition in the newspaper industry and decided to pursue Design and Marketing instead. She worked as a Web Designer and Art Director for companies big and small, which she says gave her valuable exposure to the inner workings of businesses of all sizes. While still working her job as Art Director at JCPenney, Allison started working on Activist Skincare, turning her wild idea into a real business.


Allison says that the hardest thing about being an entrepreneur and running her own business is being her own leader and setting her own priorities. It requires the discipline to step back and re-assess whether she's allocating her time and resources in the most effective way possible. Her favorite thing about running Activist Skincare is knowing that she is pursuing her passion. She says that this keeps her going and incorporates everything she is passionate about, blending skincare, business, and activism. 

Looking forward, Allison is working on developing a set of cleansers and expanding the Activist line. She also wants to find more ways to help clients customize their products and routines, and offer in-depth one-on-one skincare consultations. Activist uses a questionnaire to assess skin problems and then uses that information to formulate a custom product. Allison loves formulating with actives that are hard to find in store-brought products, and tries to eliminate harsh ingredients and formulate in the purest way possible. 

Allison is due to give birth to her first son in May and she looks forward to bringing new life into this world while continuing to grow her company.

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