Alyssa Fiorentino of Delish

Meet Alyssa Fiorentino. The woman responsible for running the social media accounts of Hearst's food and recipes website 

From clickbait Facebook headlines to mouthwatering Instagram shots, Alyssa is in charge of making you hungry. 

Fiorentino is a self-proclaimed picky eater and admits that she's not a foodie. Alyssa was hired by Delish, not for her love of food, but rather as a result of her extensive experience at Hearst. From interning for Seventeen to Cosmopolitan to Harper's Bazaar  to being the Social Media Editor for Woman's Day Magazine, Fiorentino moved up and down the floors of the Hearst building before finding a home for herself at Delish.

Alyssa has managed to help take Delish from Hearst's black sheep food website to a social media sensation. 

Delish's Facebook and YouTube videos attract millions of views from hungry aspiring homemakers.  

On the job, she's discovered the best and worst platforms for driving engagement. Facebook, she says, is the best platform for clicks as opposed to Snapchat where it's much harder to turn impressions into calls to action. Alyssa is also responsible for coming up with strategies for new platforms. She says the launch of Instagram Stories has been interesting. The social media team needs to tailor their content to every platform. What gets posted on Facebook won't work for Snapchat and vice versa. 

Alyssa uses ChartBeat to track engagement and stats. She also collaborates with the rest of the social media team to produce live Facebook videos. 

Looking forward, Alyssa hopes to continue growing Delish and turning the website's social media into the next big platform for recipes and food inspiration.

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