Alyssa Julian of Vrai & Oro

Meet Alyssa Julian, Head of Written Content and Collaborations at Vrai & Oro, a Los Angeles based fine jewelry company. It's Alyssa's job to create written work and copy for Vrai & Oro, as well as social media, blog posts, etc. 

Alyssa met Vrai & Oro's Founder and Creative Director, Vanessa Stofenmacher in late 2015 and agreed to help out around the office. She later offered to rewrite the company's copy and became Head of Written Content from there. 


Having graduated from University of Greenwich with a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communications, Alyssa has a background in writing which helps her with her work on a daily basis. At only 23, Alyssa is the Vrai & Oro's youngest employee and is also the holds the longest tenure. She takes pride in being able to make use of skills she learned in college such as basic Adobe Creative Suite knowledge to do things like design emails.


In her spare time, Alyssa makes ceramics for both herself and others, using that as a creative outlet. Alyssa hopes to continue creating written content for brands and help market brands through creative copy. She's currently working on growing Vrai & Oro's online journal as well as filling her first wholesale ceramics order for a coffee shop. When experiencing creative blocks, Alyssa likes to spend time with nature, leaving her phone behind and taking in the beauty and using the time to clear her head and find balance.