Amanda Brinkman of Google Ghost

Meet Amanda Brinkman, the woman behind your favourite feminist "Nasty Woman" shirt circulating the Internet.


In Fall of 2016, Amanda decided she needed a hobby and taught herself how to start an online store using Shopify and learned about ethically sourced and American made products and how she could start her own side hustle. She launched Google Ghost and didn't even tell her friends or family. With zero advertising or marketing dollars, Amanda was selling a few t-shirts a week and decided that she would take 50% of her little profits and donate them to Planned Parenthood, and put the rest toward paying off her student debt. 


On October 19th, Brinkman live-streamed the 3rd Presidential Debate and heard Trump utter the words "Nasty Woman" to Hillary Clinton. She sat on her laptop mocking up cute graphics and logos with the phrase and later set the soon to be iconic t-shirt up for sale. In an ultimately career-making move quite uncharacteristic for her, Amanda shared the shirt on her personal Instagram. Her friend, popular tattoo artist Stephanie Brown @feralcatbox, shared the post with her 42 thousand Instagram followers, and Amanda could not have prepared herself for what was about to happen. 


In what can only be described as overnight success, Brinkman woke up to thousands of emails and orders. Google Ghost, being a one-woman operation, had yet to be registered as a business. Amanda's bank accounts were soon flagged and frozen for suspicious activity and it took her days to explain to her bank where the money was coming from and set up a business account. She explains that what sets Google Ghost apart from other businesses is that it grew itself into a business on its own. Amanda was forced to put systems in place after the business had already taken off. 


To date, Google Ghost has been able to donate $130,293 to Planned Parenthood. Brinkman says one of the greatest things about this project has been bringing together a community of people with a common cause. The Nasty Woman shirt has been seen on celebrities such as Katy Perry, Kirsten Bell and even Will Ferrell. 


Looking forward, Amanda is looking to find a way to turn Google Ghost into a brand beyond their viral t-shirt. She collaborated with a couple of artists to create the Year of the Nasty Woman Planner, an 18 month weekly planner featuring illustrations and biographies of 19 powerful women, along with self-care tips and and quotes.  

Look out for more fierce feminist merch from Google Ghost this year.