Ambivalently Yours

Best known on the Internet as Ambivalently Yours, I sat down with the anonymous Montreal feminist artist that goes by AY. Despite her 37K followers on Instagram, AY prefers to let her work speak for itself. Though her name and face remain a mystery, this pink haired illustrator is making waves with her bubble gum feminist art. 

AY takes inspiration from feminist artists both past and present. Women like Frida Khalo from the 40s and Judy Chicago from the 70s. She also grabs inspiration from and resonates with the concept of the 90s riot girl. Her use and love for the colour pink is both ironic and undefining. 

Her work deals with themes of girl culture. Tackling stereotypes that surround girls and women alike. Destigmatizing emotions and the perception of them. Working with an overarching theme of ambivalence and what that means as both a woman and a human. What it means to be a woman and a feminist. All of this complex stuff condensed into cute pink illustrations that are so simple that even a man could understand them. :)

AY likes to work with a mix of ballpoint pens and watercolor which lends itself to the soft aesthetic and palette she uses. 

Her work is available both online and in stores in Montreal. She sells prints, t-shirts, pins, and more on Etsy as well as on Society6.

This year, Montreal locals should expect more art events, fairs, and shows. AY is also working on a podcast to be anticipated in 2017. 

Follow Ambivalently Yours on Instagram @ambivalentlyyours and see her work on her website or on her tumblr