Angie Gunner of American Barre Technique

Meet Angie Gunner, the president and CEO of American Barre Technique, a California based company that teaches people to become ABT Barre instructors and teach classes of their own.  


What makes American Barre Technique so special is that it incorporates ballet, yoga, and pilates to create a full body workout that is low impact. 

Angie has been dancing since she was a child, winning contests and dancing a mix of ballet, jazz, contemporary, and lyrical dance. She went on to teach as a dance instructor at multiple studios and choreograph for a multitude of productions before creating American Barre Technique. 

She combined her dance and choreography know how with her passion for fitness and wanting to help people get and stay in shape to create a program and institution that would allow dedicated instructors to learn and start their own business with ABT. 


It is Angie's job to oversee operations of the business, as well as teach classes for instructors and offer online classes internationally. Angie and her sister Hillery Gunner created Barre Space for her clients that travel and are always on the go, as well as those who may not be able to make it to an American Barre Technique class or don't have one in their area. BarreSpace offers online barre classes taught by Angie and Hillery themselves, that clients can watch and follow along with anywhere in the world. 

Angie has gained traction on the Internet, as her Instagram account @angiegunnerfitness is followed by over 20,000 people worldwide. She shares fitness inspiration with her followers and aspires to help clients become more confident and contour their bodies with the help of dance inspired fitness.

Angie attributes her success and the success of American Barre Technique to her incredible team who works brilliantly to create, assist, and manage all facets of the company. She also credits her own self-motivation and drive for helping her grow American Barre Technique to what it is today. 

Follow Angie on Instagram @angiegunnerfitness and visit for more information on American Barre Technique and BarreSpace