Ashton Marcus


Meet Ashton Marcus, founder of Ashton Marcus PR, a boutique public relations and social media agency that specializes in media placement, social media management, event planning, and digital strategy. From creative conception to strategic execution, Ashton Marcus PR works with clients to develop a strategic media and digital presence and enhance brand awareness to ultimately drive sales and engage target audiences.

Ashton got her start in the industry after a friend of hers suggested that she get into PR. She had no idea what that meant at the time, but she decided to investigate and quickly discovered that public relations was the perfect mix of everything she already loved. It combines creative thinking with strategic planning, and innovative story telling - a dynamic trio that allows Ashton to flex her creative muscles as well as her eye for business. 

She feels that what separates Ashton Marcus PR from other PR firms, is her team's modern approach and boundary-pushing strategies. When she first got her start in the industry, she was exposed to a lot of "old-school" techniques and methods, but it wasn't until she started questioning the status quo and trying new things, that she really started to blossom in her career and see results. 

When working with a new client, Ashton likes to ask them for three words that they want to be associated with the brand. She uses this to better understand who they are and who they want to be, so that she can help grow the brand image accordingly. From there, her team will identify the best way to reach target audiences and share their message in an authentic way. 

Looking forward, Ashton would like to continue growing her team and working with people who inspire her and challenge her on a daily basis. She wants to find unique and innovative ways to leverage her team's strengths and continue to push boundaries. 

Ashton's advice to aspiring PR moguls? "Always listen to your gut, and never be afraid of failure." says Ashton. "Every failure is a learning experience and will only make you a better entrepreneur in the long run."