Baohien Ngo

Meet Bao Ngo, a Vietnamese freelance photographer from Brooklyn.

Bao started playing with her dad's old camera at 13. From the ages 14 to 21, she almost exclusively shot film. She started out just taking pictures of her friends when she was in middle school and high school. After her photography was discovered by models, Bao got into fashion photography through word of mouth. 

She studied Communications Design at Pratt University for 2 years before deciding to drop out. She says, though her studies weren't photography related, it did help her understand communication through imagery.

Now 22, Bao already has 9 years of experience under her belt. Despite this, she's currently working 2 jobs and studies Cinematography on her own time. She hopes to be doing photography full time in the coming years. 

Bao manages to combine dreamy fairytale vibes with 60s vintage vibes effortlessly, in a way that is so ethereal and transporting.

In Bao's toolbox of essentials are her Kodak Portra film and her seamless backdrop collection.

Among her favourite places to visit in the city, she names The Brooklyn Museum for featuring a lot of artists of color who are still alive. She feels that a lot of other museums don't feature artists of color, queer artists, or female artists unless they're dead or they're trying to meet a quota.

Brunching in Brooklyn? Bao recommends Okonomi, which serves a traditional Japanese meal with no menu. She also recommends Little Choc Apothecary in Williamsburg and a Cuban diner called Coppelia.

This year, Bao is working on finishing a still life series about her cultural identity. As the daughter of two Vietnamese immigrants, she holds her cultural identity dear to her. She's also working on her first short film with a few of her friends. 

Bao's advice to aspiring photographers?

Innate talent doesn't exist, if you want to be good at something then you need to practice, everyone starts somewhere.

Follow Bao on Instagram @baohngo and check out the rest of her work and projects on her website