Bianca de la Garza


Meet Bianca de la Garza, Emmy-nominated journalist, entrepreneur, and founder of Bianca de la Garza Beauty, a line of skincare made to offer a “lit from within” glow.

From her time on major TV stations like ABC and FOX covering major global news events, to her Emmy-nominated coverage of the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, and her syndicated late-night talk show BIANCA which aired in 2015 to more than 20 million homes in the US, Bianca has more than 2 decades of experience on-screen. Now, in addition to her new skincare line, Bianca is launching a brand new show on TVK24, called BEAUTY PLANET WITH BIANCA, a talk- how featuring celebrity guests, influencers, and leading industry experts who will discuss what's new to know in beauty worldwide.

I asked Bianca about everything from her new skincare line and TV network, to building a career for herself as a single mother. Keep reading to learn more.


What led you to start Bianca de la Garza Beauty?

I’ve always loved beauty. Being on TV most of my life I’ve tried a lot of products and have been blessed to work with very talented make up artists. A few years ago I was trying give my skin a break between television projects. I was done slapping on heavy foundation. Tinted moisturizers made me break out. All the highlighters were too sparkly for daytime and did not offer any skincare benefit to my face. That’s how I created “In GLO We Trust”. I felt if anything was worth applying it needed to do double duty, give a natural glow and treat my skin.

What are Bianca de la Garza Beauty's core products and why did you decide to start with those for your line?

The “In GLO We Trust collection” gives you instant benefits along with long-term skincare treatments. We are vegan and non-GMO.
The illuminating face serum is a hydrating, luminescent formula that gives veil like coverage, offered in 3 shades for all skin types. Our exclusive BDG Beauty Complex TM is packed with active ingredients that are multitasking for you, while you go just about your day. I chose a pump applicator wand- no mess for the modern woman who deserves simple yet effective products. Built to be worn alone you can also add over foundation if you want more coverage. 

From there it made sense to extend that GLO to other parts of our face. 

In GLO We Trust Eye Creme, Neck Creme and Décolletage Creme will improve any prior skin damage and prevent and combat further issues to these delicate areas. Both cremes are delivered with a Paris designed rollerball component to amplify the formula and improve the delivery to your skin. 

I developed a plumping lip treatment to give both protection and a light golden sheen. Finally when the day is done you can remove it all with the In GLO We Trust Cleanser that is effective yet gentle to pamper your face. 

What does a typical day look like for you now as a founder?

I wake up around 6:30 or 7 a.m. and get right to coffee and emails. From there I try to start everyday with a workout. That way I know I’ve prioritized my health in the morning and my day can go as late as I need. If I’m in Los Angeles I’ll be at my Beauty Planet studios working with my team there for programming. Other days I’m in my lab developing new formulas and packaging ideas. 

There’s so much that goes into both entities for me that I can’t say any one day is typical because if I need to spend more time at one place I can. I’m back and forth east coast to west coast a lot. In New York, it's often doing press and taking meetings on collaborations for Bianca de la Garza Beauty and Beauty Planet. A late night email check and prep for next day is always key. I’m all about beauty rest and aim for 7-8 hours every night. 

Tell us about the beauty planet and your studio?

This year I’m launching a national programming block of content focused on beauty. The first show “Beauty Planet with Bianca” will tape in front of a live studio audience with guest and feature segments from around the world. 

I’m really excited to have the platform where we can drive the next conversation in beauty. It’s the least superficial topic when you see what it encompasses. I’m taking my former journalist skills and beauty knowledge now to have engaging and entertaining dialogue. 

You've had an incredible career, how did you get into journalism?

I was studying fashion design and took a class on interpersonal communication. I loved it so much and my professor also taught at Emerson College. She suggested I visit campus. I quickly decided that storytelling and being curious about the world was calling me! From there I would graduate and worth in New York, California and Boston plus cover stories around the world as reporter. 

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What's the biggest obstacle you've had to overcome in your career? 

I’ve worked for massive corporations where you are under their complete control. You’re locked into long contracts with little or no freedom to move up and have earnings growth. 

The truth is if you want to do massive things that impact people for the good and also bring you joy- you have to create opportunities for yourself. 

As a single mom who loved connecting with a TV audience I could not create the platform and discussion I envisioned. That was the biggest obstacle to getting where I wanted to go career wise. It ultimately led me to leave the corporate structure to be an entrepreneur. Now as a beauty and media CEO, I can tell you, it was the best decision I made.

Where do you consume media and do you have any favourite publications or podcasts you read and listen to?

I wake up and read all the trades for beauty and media. WWD is a daily must and extremely well curated by Beauty Editor Jenny Fine and her team. I’m a panel member on Meet the Hollywood Press two Sundays a month. So I’m plugged into the entertainment world also. Variety, The Wrap, The Hollywood Reporter are all in my AM inbox. I read traditional newspapers like the Wall Street Journal, NY Times and Financial Times. I love to read up on beauty and technology as I crave to be innovative with all I do for Bianca de la Garza Beauty.

What advice do you have for young women looking to start and build their own brands and companies?

Learn these skills:

1. Be fearless 

2. Understand who your product/brand consumers is 

3. Prepare for uncertainty 

4. Revel in being the architect of your own life 

What big projects do you have planned for 2019?

Beauty Planet TV Network is going to be a exciting endeavor for me this year. We have a full slate of shows in development we are working on at my production company Garza Digital for Beauty Planet. Additionally I’ll be traveling to Asia for some exciting new partnerships for Bianca de la Garza Beauty. I’m excited to see globalization of beauty and media come together to drive the next conversation for us as people and a world. We are truly striving to inspire young women all around the world to change the world.