Cara Wittich

Cara Wittich is a blogger, social media influencer, and urban planner from Nova Scotia. Having only began to grow her Instagram a year ago, her Instagram @carewittich already has 84 thousand followers and counting. 

Cara graduated from Dalhousie University with a Bachelor's in Urban Design. Having grown up with an interest in Architecture and the way cities are built, she decided to pursue urban planning. She now works for Canada Post, planning the best and most efficient delivery routes for cities on the East Coast of Canada. 

When she checks out of her day job, she goes home and works on building her audience and creating content on social media. A tremendous amount of care and planning goes into each post, ensuring that it's cohesive and of high quality. In the coming year, Cara hopes to grow as an influencer, and open the door to more career opportunities. 

Cara is an avid planner and list maker, keeping organized and managing her time well is a trait she takes great pride in. In her spare time, she enjoys making floral arrangements and setting up flowers in bouquets. 

She uses Lightroom as well as the native iPhone photo editor to edit her photos. She says that she likes this because they don't lower the resolution of the original photo and are good for making adjustments in saturation, brightness, and contrast. 

Her advice to anyone looking to start taking social media seriously, is to not underestimate the amount of work it takes, and also to keep at it. She says that a lot of Instagrammers get discouraged while trying to grow their following, and take breaks. They then return after their hiatus, realizing that they could've been much further along had they stuck with it. 

At 25, Wittich has made incredible career advancements and hopes to only grow. She minored in Business Administration and Marketing, and says that taking those courses does help her when interacting with brands and companies. 

This year, expect the launch of the CareWittich blog, which Cara says will be an expansion of her instagram and other social media. 

Follow Cara on Instagram @CareWittich