Cathy Dominguez

Meet Cathy Dominguez, a PR powerhouse from Montreal. It's Cathy's job to help influencers find sponsorship contracts in Montreal, as well as manage PR for the Canadian clothing company Dynamite. 

Cathy got her start after graduating Concordia University with a Bachelor's in Marketing. She then moved to Barcelona to finish her Masters. 

After moving back to Montreal, she worked for Rev Communications for 2 and a half years as an account executive. She then moved on to work at 1 Milk 2 Sugars PR and Marketing agency as an account coordinator.

Cathy says she was inspired to work in the PR industry after watching The Hills and seeing Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port intern, as well as Kelly Cutrone's role as a PR maven. She consider's Cutrone's take no prisoners approach to PR and management admirable. She also admires Scandal's Olivia Pope for her ability to take charge and diffuse problems under pressure.

The 27 Year old says that she believes her age to be quite an asset in the influencer marketing realm. She says that in the past couple of years, the entire industry has renewed itself to create space for digital marketing. She says that it is no longer the people with decades of experience that have the upper hand, but rather the millennials who are digital natives.

Cathy says that being young has only given her the upper hand in developing new marketing strategies.

In the coming year, Dominguez is looking to expand her roster of both influencers and brands, creating strong and meaningful professional relationships.

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