Clare Ngai of The Society Management

Meet Clare Ngai, talent manager at The Society Management. It's Clare's job to work hands on with some of the world's biggest influencers, and oversee every aspect of their career, from booking to jobs, to traveling with them and producing/capturing fun and original content.

Clare was doing social media/creative marketing at an agency and was approached by a head hunter who scouted her for The Society. Clare studied Magazine Journalism and minored in French and Psychology. Clare usually starts her mornings off with a cup of black coffee, and dives straight into her emails and answers inquiries from press/media or brands and PR agencies who are interested in working with the talent she manages. She takes a lot of meetings to help build relationships and pitch ideas surrounding her clients. A lot of what Clare does revolves around being proactive; though many requests come to her organically, Clare enjoys networking and making strong connections that might help her talent succeed. She tries to attend at least a couple events a week to stay abreast of what's cool and the newest spots and trends that her clients should be aware of. 

Clare wears may hats in her job, from managing her talent's schedules, booking interviews, editorials, and paid posts, to negotiating rates and reviewing contracts, she also handles styling for certain high-caliber red carpet events and planning special collaborations and projects. Clare built and solidified the #SocietyCreatives division at her agency and has helped expand it rapidly in the past year. 

To get her job done, Clare uses a software called BOOKER, that helps her and her colleagues chart jobs and manage schedules at one glance. Looking forward, she's excited to work with some new clients that have been signed to the agency under her division. Her favorite part of her job is getting to meet talented and amazing people from all around the world, traveling with her talent and experiencing endless incredible (and at times, glamorous) things.