Dalia Haimen of The PUR Company


Meet Dalia Haimen, Creative Team Manager at The PUR Company. Best known as the makers of PUR Gum, the #1 Bestselling Aspartame-free gum on the market worldwide, The PUR Company has now expanded into PUR Mints and just recently, PUR Popcorn. Dalia's team is made up of designers, digital marketers, communications specialists, and web developers. They spearhead all branding, packaging design, product development, merchandising, social media, and web design. They also run The PUR Company's E-Marketing and E-Commerce store. 

Dalia got her start studying Fine Arts in CEGEP here in Montreal for 2 years. She was encouraged by her professors in college to pursue design and later was accepted into OCAD University's Industrial Design Program in Toronto. She moved to Toronto on her own and pursued her Bachelor's Industrial Design. During her last 2 years at OCAD, Dalia chose Packaging Design as her choice of expansion course elective. This is where her start in the design industry was born. Before she had taken these courses, Dalia had never touched computer design programs like Illustrator or InDesign. She spent her nights watching Adobe tutorials then applied what she learned into her work at school. Her professor was amazed at how she was able to keep up with the top students in her class, who had years of 2D design education and experience. 

From there, Dalia started doing freelance graphic design, in addition to bartending after school to pay her bills. The immediate satisfaction of designing a logo, a brand, a package in the matter of hours made her realize that designing mass production samples that takes months, if not years to develop was the right career path for her. After a few years of juggling freelance and bartending, Dalia found a job posting for a design intern at PUR Gum. She met with Jay, the founder of the brand, and has been working alongside him ever since. Fast forward a few years, Dalia now leads an entire team of multi-disciplinary designers and is designing products for shelves in over 30,000 store around the world. 


In a typical day, Dalia can get over any creative block with the help of her team. 

Looking forward, Dalia and the PUR team are working a multitude of projects. Last month, the brand launched PUR Popcorn, entering an entirely  new product category, and are working on strategies to market and support the new line. In Dalia's spare time, she volunteers as the Creative Director of Canada's largest TED event, TEDxToronto, and is looking forward to this year's conference. 

In the future, Dalia sees herself moving into an even larger leadership position. She looks forward to collaborating with a lot of designers and travel the world for inspiration.