Dana Ward

Meet Dana Ward, former Clevver executive producer, host, and co-founder of PreHeels, an innovative protective spray that prevents foot blisters caused by high heels. 

Dana obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism at USC and took on a multitude of jobs before finding a place for herself at Clevver in 2008. Dana, along with 3 others, helped launched the YouTube channel for Clevver, creating small video clips as a call to action to get viewers onto the website. What they didn't know was that their YouTube channel would soon become part of something so much bigger. Clevver expanded to become a network of channels, which now attracts hundreds of millions of views monthly. The company was acquired in 2012 by Alloy Digital which later merged with Break Media to form Defy Media a year later. In 2015, Dana left Clevver in good faith to focus on the growth of her startup PreHeels. 

Dana was prompted to start PreHeels out of her own frustration and necessity. As a host and red carpet correspondent, Dana would spend hours on her feet in high heels, only to be left with blisters and callused feet. She saw a gap in the market considering the millions of women worldwide that wear heels on a regular basis, who are forced to deal with the pain of shoes they wear for hours at a time. They designed PreHeels to not only work on high heels, but on any shoes that cause friction.

Dana along with the PreHeels co-founder Adam Kolom got to work on the idea, tapped into their expertise and started building the brand.

Ward spent 3 years in research and development, perfecting the PreHeels formulation. Once the PreHeels team nailed down a formula that was truly effective and performed well, they hit the ground running. Dana stresses the importance of creating products that are backed by science and solve problems. She didn't want her product to be a gimmicky regurgitation of products that already existed, she wanted to carve a niche for her brand among an industry that has seen little innovation over the past decade. 

As a serial entrepreneur, Dana's objectives are not monetary. She values innovation and taking on projects that will help make an impact. PreHeels launched a Kickstarter campaign in Spring 2016, and raised over 200% of their goal. The foot saving spray has been featured everywhere from Cosmopolitan.com to the Huffington Post to Clique Media Group's Who What Wear. Receiving glowing reviews from every corner of the internet, PreHeels has succeeded in tackling a problem most Western women will face in their lifetime. Looking forward, Dana hopes to continue innovating and leave her mark on the world in the best ways possible.

Shop PreHeels at preheels.com and follow Dana on Instagram @danaward