Dianne Vavra

Meet Diane Vavra, former Senior Vice President of Press Relations at Dior Beauty, designer behind LE Trench, and CEO of Spotlight Beauty PR, an up and coming Public Relations agency specializing in creating buzz through non-paid channels.

Dianne was raised in Manhattan and grew up living next door to a Fashion and Beauty Editor. Dianne admired the way she always looked glamorous heading to work and events and later secured an internship for her while still in high school. After graduating LIM College with a degree in Fashion Buying and Merchandising, Dianne realized it wasn't for her (too much math), and decided to finish her last 2 years of University at FIT in Communications. 

Post-graduation, Dianne got herself a job at Dior Beauty, where she spent the next 19 years working her way up the corporate ladder and building a name for herself as an expert in press and communications for one of the world's most prestigious designer beauty brands. 

In November of 2014, Dianne founded LE Trench, a chic line of trench coats based on 1950's leopard vinyl trench coat she stumbled upon in a vintage store while in Paris for work. After being stopped in the street countless times by strangers asking about her coat, she decided to ask a friend to help her make a sewing pattern and had a few samples made. Her friends started placing orders, editors started a wait list, and celebrity friends began wearing them to events, garnering press attention. 

Dianne takes inspiration from the iconic Diane Von Furstenburg, whose daughter she grew up with. "We were little girls playing dress up in her apartment," Dianne says, "Little did I know, the cool artwork I was seeing was by Andy Warhol and her mom would soon become an iconic fashion designer!" Dianne noted Von Furstenburg's claim to fame, creating wrap dresses with the same design, in the same fabric, but in different colors and patterns. She emulated this with LE Trench, selling one design in different colors. 


In a recent life-changing power move, Dianne left Dior Beauty to start Spotlight Beauty PR. She was given the confidence to move forward and start a new chapter in her career. Actress and close friend Sharon Stone purchased the Spotlight Beauty PR domain name for Dianne for her birthday and encouraged her to make the move. She now works with a roster of beauty companies to help them garner excitement through press relationships. This could mean securing a story in a magazine, having an influencer post on social media, turning makeup artists into fans so they talk about the brand and use it on celebrity clients, convincing a TV segment producer to include a brand on their show, or hosting an event that generates media attention. PR differs from Advertising in the sense that while advertising is traditionally paid for and you know exactly where your product will appear and can craft a brand messages, PR is hit or miss. "You pitch a great idea to an editor or a producer or influencer and hope they bite." Says Dianne. 

Looking forward, Dianne hopes to help and watch her clients grow and succeed and enjoy a wonderful thriving business for themselves, while she does the same.