Edie Sunday

Edie Sunday is a Texan photographer best known on Instagram for her spontaneous nature shots and colorful film pictures.

A well-groomed shutterbug, Edie has been taking pictures since her hands could hold a camera. Growing up as the daughter of a nature photographer, her dad gifted her a professional camera when she was in her early teens. Her interest in photography and cameras only grew from there. She had put photography on the back-burner for a while before showing her now-boyfriend her camera collection and being inspired to take it up again.

Now Edie mostly works with her Nikon f3 and her Polaroid and likes to use expired film to get interesting distress effects. She says that what's tricky about working with expired film is that it's hardly consistent and that she has to do a lot of touch up work in Photoshop to fix blemishes and make corrections for over and under exposure.

Edie has grown her career massively with the use of Instagram to share her photos. She's now amassed a following of almost 40 thousand followers. 

What most people don't know about Edie is that despite her love of photography and undeniable talent, her goal is not to be a full-time photographer, but to be a psychologist.

She manages to blend the two in a way that is not contrived, nor obvious. Rather, her work deals with themes of self. She allows her photos to help her learn more about herself. As someone who is fascinated by the mind and learning about it, she mixes self-expression with introspection. She uses things like light and scattering to simulate visions and dreams.

She acknowledges that both photography and psychology involve intimacy. Either the relationship and trust between a photographer and a model can mimic the accord of a therapist working with a patient. 

Edie lists contemporary artists and friends as inspiration for her work. Photographers like Brigitte Bloom who she credits not only as inspiration, but also as a friend and supporter of her work. She also cites analog photographer Alison Scarpulla as inspiration.

Her favorite books are a mix of psychology books and fiction. Some of her favorites include, A General Feeling of Love by Thomas Lewis and The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera.

Edie's advice to new photographers is to stay persistent and know that your work will grow and evolve with you. You don't become a successful or talented photographer over night and many amazing photographers have been at it for decades. 

Soon to be 27, Edie is finishing up her PhD and will continue balancing psychology and photography. Multi talented, multi disciplinary, and all around amazing.

Follow Edie on Instagram @ediesunday and check out her work at ediesunday.com