Elizabeth Scherle of Influenster

Meet Elizabeth Scherle, the co-founder and president of Influenster, an online review platform for beauty and wellness products that rewards users with free products.


Elizabeth believes that brands need to harness the power of customer feedback.  With Influenster, users are allowed to share honest reviews on products they use and are incentivised with free products. Users are rewarded based on participation and helpfulness and must be forthcoming and disclose if they received the product for free. As the influencer marketing trend grows on social media, most public figures are compensated heavily to provide false sponsored reviews. Influenster is changing the game and is bringing democracy back to the beauty industry. 


By leveraging genuine feedback from everyday consumers, brands have seen a massive increase in engagement, much more than with traditional methods. Influenster understands consumers and aims not to condescend or deceive them, but to join forces with consumers to create a transparent shopping environment. 

In 7 years, Elizabeth has grown the company to 70 employees which she says took a lot of trial and error. Finding trustworthy, talented individuals who can help take your company to the next level is no easy feat, but has ultimately turned Influenster into what it is today. Influenster currently has over 3 million active users and raised $8 Million in funding in 2016.


Elizabeth credits a few tools for helping operations run smoothly. As Influenster's team grew, Scherle says that the Slack application really came in handy for keeping everyone organized. She also uses Wunderlist for tracking to-dos and task lists. 

A typical day for Elizabeth involves a lot of meetings. She meets with brands herself to discuss partnerships and to learn about new product launches. She maintains an active role as president, overlooking everything from operations to marketing strategy to app features and design.  

This year, Influenster is poised to launch a new feature that will allow users to share video reviews to the app without the need for a YouTube channel. 

Elizabeth says the thing she's most proud of is the strong relationship she sustains with dozens of the world's largest corporations.   

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