Elli Zacharowitz


Elli Zacharowitz is a graphic designer based out of Australia. Elli has worked for some of the most notable fashion brands in the world such as Nasty Gal, ASOS, Topshop, and All Saints. 

After graduating college with an advanced diploma of Graphic Design, Elli left Sydney and moved to London to learn from the best. She lived there for 2 years on a Visa, working for multiple fashion brands during her time. 

She then briefly traveled through Europe, moving from city to city, soaking up culture. She spent time in Tokyo doing freelance and short contract work. She eventually found herself back in Australia for a period of only 2 days before she got a call from Nasty Gal asking her to relocate to Los Angeles as a resident designer. 

She's been at Nasty Gal since November 2015, working her way up to her current position as Senior Graphic Designer. Her job is to handle email marketing (promotions, newsletters, etc), as well as work on graphics for lookbooks, etc.

Elli describes her style as "minimalist, but effective". She likes to keep it simple, but not boring. She fits in well with Nasty Gal's aesthetic which is punchy, while also being reserved. Their use of contrast and shapes lend well to their visually stunning website and ads. 

She says that what she didn't learn in Graphic Design school, ironically, was how to do digital work. In college, her program focused on print, making and designing posters and other branding materials, though now she mostly works with Photoshop. 

When she's not working, Elli spends endless hours on Tumblr, reblogging away and gaining inspiration. She names The Grand Budapest Hotel dir. by Wes Anderson as one of the most visually inspiring and beautifully made films. 

Elli says that it's always been her dream to work with Sophia Amoruso and that scoring Nasty Gal as a gig was a dream come true. Amidst Nasty Gal's financial situation, Zacharowitz is currently back in Australia, where she lives in a town 3 hours outside of Sydney. Elli is working on personal and freelance projects, such as a website redesign for a London beauty blogger she worked with years ago. 

Follow Elli on Tumblr at ellizacharowitz.tumblr.com and on Instagram @_ellirene