Emily Parr of Poke PR

Meet Emily Parr, founder of Poke PR, NYC's hottest boutique beauty and wellness PR agency, best known for helping brands like Drunk Elephant and Anna Kaiser's AKT take off.

Emily got her start in PR early on, having been the Global Communications Director at Vera Wang for two and a half years, and finding her love for wellness in the midst of NYC's great big fashion world. She reached out to the CEO of Equinox, a fitness and wellness powerhouse, and received a response within minutes. She met with the managing partner, but was told that though they loved her, they didn't have the budget to create a position for her. Emily later found that Vera Wang was looking to remove their in-house PR, and offered Emily a position as an account executive for the agency they contracted. After aiding in the transition from in-house to agency, Emily left her position at Vera Wang, and was offered a job at Equinox doing PR for their various boutique fitness brands. 

During her time at Equinox, Emily met the CEO of Juice Generation, who was in desperate need of a publicist. Parr offered to help him in his search, connecting him with the best publicists she knew. After meeting with endless publicists, he had set his mind on Emily, despite her already having a job. She was given the green light by Equinox to take on Juice Generation as a client while continuing to work for the company. Emily was later personally requested by Juice Generation's Cooler Cleanse co-founder, Salma Hayek, to take on press and PR for her CVS exclusive skincare line NUANCE by Salma Hayek. After being mandated to hire Emily by Hayek herself, CVS contracted her to manage the press for the brand. Starting to feel like she might be onto something, Emily left her position at Equinox to focus on her work for Juice Generation and NUANCE, working only for those 2 brands for a year out of her home. To help her out, Juice Generation CEO, Eric Helms, built shelving in his warehouse for her to store press samples until she found an office space. 

Emily was introduced to her third client, Anna Kaiser, through a friend she knew from her time at Vera Wang. She met Anna as she was about to open her first studio and the pair hit it off. Through press and placement, Emily was able to help Anna grow enough to open 2 more studios in only a year and a half. She later met Tiffany Masterson of Drunk Elephant and managed to scoop her up as a client despite her having already been signed with another agency at the time. Emily is incredibly proud of what she's been able to do with the Drunk Elephant brand, and has helped to take it from obscure indie brand to the fastest growing brand in Sephora history. 

Emily likes to work with brands that she believes are special and aren't getting enough attention. She wants the brands she works with to be projects where she can roll up her sleeve and turn their image around. Emily's process varies from brand to brand because every case is different, but her recipe for success it to start with product first. She gets the product in the hands of the right people. Once the product is visible, she pitches stories about the brand's philosophy, making sure to pitch stories that are meaningful and impactful and layers in profiles on the founder. To this day, Emily still runs to the newsstand to pick up the magazines her clients are featured in. She considers this to be a simple pleasure and one of her favorite parts her job. 

Looking forward, Emily wants continue to keep Poke PR a boutique beauty and wellness agency. She works with a roster of 8 clients right now and wants to remain a small company. Emily cares for each and every brand she works with and takes pride in her ability to give her all to every one of her clients.