Emma Mercury of The Messy Heads

Meet Emma Mercury, blogger, writer, and editor-in-chief of The Messy Heads - a visually stunning magazine and blog made by millennials for millennials. 


The Messy Heads was founded as a lifestyle blog. As it began to gain traction online, Emma built a following of young girls who looked up to her for advice. She would receive hundreds of messages from teens aspiring to be and look like her. She grew disdain for this this concept of Internet celebrity and decided to turn the spotlight away from herself and focus on sharing the opinions of diverse individuals. She used her influence to develop a platform for art, writing, and photos from a group of intelligent young minds. 


In 2016, The Messy Heads launched its first print edition. An indie publication at the time, Emma had to front thousands of dollars for the printing of the first issue herself, working and taking on multiple jobs to make ends meet. 


The Messy Heads was later picked up by a publisher, and Emma moved to Los Angeles to work on it full time. Emma hopes to empower young women and instill self-confidence and self-worth through creativity and art. She wants The Messy Heads to be a healthy and positive alternative to highly produced glossy fashion magazines notorious for fueling eating disorders and body insecurity in teenage girls. 


Contrary to popular opinion, Emma does not believe that print is dead, but she would like to have her hands in the digital and print revolution and create useful inspiring content. 


Looking forward, Emma wants to find ways to make The Messy Heads more interactive. She also wants to showcase more artists and more diverse talent and grow The Messy Heads community to be as inclusive as possible. 

Her favorite thing about running The Messy Heads is that it allows her the freedom to be endlessly creative. There are no limits to what she can do and who she can influence with this platform she's created. 

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