Erin Mayer of Bustle

Meet Erin Mayer, Associate Fashion and Beauty Editor at Bustle. It's Erin's job to cover fashion and beauty news for and work with their team of writers to plan out content.


Erin started working with Bustle in 2014 as a Freelance Writing Intern and was hired full-time as an editor a year later. Having graduated from Sarah Lawrence with a Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing, Erin enjoys working in a position where she gets to write and edit on a daily basis. 

Erin's pieces range from products reviews, celebrity and expert interviews, and features, to social-driven news updates such as Instagram beauty trends and viral videos. Erin has helped build the writing team, having hired and trained  many of the writers she works with. 

A typical day for Erin can include anything from meeting with publicists and learning about new product releases and designer collections to parsing through press releases and writing and editing articles. To manage her time, Erin likes to set an established time for answering non-urgent emails rather than constantly tending to them and being tethered to her phone. 

Her advice for young writers and aspiring editors is to possibly take a chance on a startup publication, but also shoot for your dream internship or job at a fancy, established publication. She's proud to have joined the Bustle team when it was still a new startup because she's been able to watch the company grow to what it is today.