Gabriela Hernandez of Bésame Cosmetics

Gabriela Hernandez is the owner of Bésame Cosmetics. Hernandez started Bésame in 2004 after being inspired by her grandmother's vintage makeup collection. 

Bésame has become quite the sensation online among Youtubers and Instagrammers alike. Known for their high-quality vintage inspired packaging, Bésame's products are far from your drugstore selections.

Hernandez wanted to channel a time when makeup was artful as well as functional. Getting ready was (and still is) a time consuming process, but women's makeup collections were comprised of a few quality products. 

Bésame's claim to fame was their cake mascara. Cake mascaras were replaced with cream formulas in the 60s. Gabriela reintroduced the multi-step water activated mascara to the 21st Century digital woman. 

Hernandez gains inspiration from vintage fashion houses such as Guerlain. Gabriela's background is in design and photography. She graduated from the ArtCenter College of Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She uses this to her advantage, incorporating her skills into daily work. 

Her love of everything vintage spans across most realms of her taste. Meeting Gabriela was like stepping into an Audrey Hepburn film; I was instantly transported. She collects vintage designer and quality pieces from the 30s and 40's. Clothing from that era was structured and A-Line which she says works best with her curvy figure.

She also has a love for classic movies. Among her favorites, she lists Casablanca, Laura, and The Thin Man. 

Bésame has 2 brick and mortar stores in California and is available on their website and at Sephora

With minimalist design sweeping the packaging landscape, Bésame's retro design is a new brand of #aestheticgoals.