Hayley Fisk

Hayley Fisk is an American photographer based out of California. 

The Illinois born photographer moved to Los Angeles after graduating from Illinois State University with her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography along with her Bachelor's in Art History. 

She interned and worked as a photo editor and retoucher for a few years, editing for some of the world's largest companies such as FOX Sports, NFL.com , and GUESS. 

In 2014, she started taking on more photography projects, adding to her job as a professional retoucher and editor. 

Hayley developed her interest for photography in high school, originally focused on her love of art and design. She had plans to be an artist and illustrator before falling in love with photography and ultimately deciding to switch her major. 

Fisk says her interning and retouching experience has taught her the value of what goes into and makes a good photo. 

A couple years ago, Hayley decided to start her own photography business, Hayley Fisk Photo, where she's in charge of photographing and editing photos for her roster of assorted clients in all fields. 

She says that one of the biggest and boldest choices she's ever made in her career was moving across the country to live in Los Angeles. Growing up in the small town of Channahon, Illinois, she was met by not only the culture shock of big city life and West Coast lifestyles, but having to be away from her family. Hayley names her mother and father who inspire her endlessly, and who have also offered her endless love and support.(Shoutout to Mary and Tim Fisk)

A fresh faced college graduate, Fisk had to make a way on her own, finding success and building an impressive portfolio. 

Hayley's advice to young photographers is to start early. She expresses that she didn't start shooting and shooting seriously until relatively late in her career. She spent a lot of time working for other people instead of working on personal projects and because of this, she feels that it took her longer to brand herself as a photographer and not only a retoucher. 

Along with running her business, Fisk also shoots for LJT -  National Geographic and The Juliet Shop. 

This year, Hayley hopes only to expand her business and continue taking great pictures.

Follow Hayley on Instagram @hayleyfiskphoto