Holly McWhorter of PLANT Apothecary


Meet Holly McWhorter, co-founder of Plant Apothecary, an organic skincare line created by Holly and her husband Bjarke. Holly acts as CEO and co-creative director, formulating the products, while also designing the brand's packaging and running the business with her husband. 

Holly got her start in the industry many years ago, after she started a very small line of organic bath products due to her own need for natural products that catered to her sensitive skin. She ended the project after only a year because she felt she wasn't ready to be running a business at the time, but came back full force in 2012 when she and Bjarke founded PLANT Apothecary. 

When it came time to launch the brand, Holly had already been making skincare products for friends and family for years, but also felt that many of the all-natural and organic products on the market came in unappealing packaging. She had the idea to create a product line that had natural and non-irritating, but effective formulas, that also came in packaging that was worthy of being displayed. Holly and Bjarke also saw the opportunity to include an element of social responsibility to the brand, and decided to produce a line that would represent their personal ideas, while also generating income. 


Having come a long way since 2012, Holly is proud to have grown the brand as well as their retail accounts, with PLANT Apothecary being sold in stores across the world. PLANT Apothecary also employs and provides job opportunities for disabled adults in product manufacturing. Looking forward, Holly hopes to continue growing brand awareness across the globe, and expanding the PLANT Apothecary product line. The brand is bringing out more skincare products within the next couple of months, as well as launching a series of hair products, including products for curly, coily, and textured hair. 

Holly's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs? "Be sure to think ahead about what kind of staffing and financial needs your business will have if you're successful. This will make scaling up. when the time comes, that much easier."