Huda Kattan

Meet Huda Kattan, makeup artist, YouTuber, and founder of Huda Beauty, an internationally bestselling makeup line best known for its false lashes and liquid lipsticks. 


Huda founded her company Huda Beauty in 2010, after years of being obsessed with beauty. She worked in the finance sector for a few years before losing her job during the recession. She decided to turn her hobby into a career after being encouraged by her sister Mona to study makeup. She flew to Los Angeles from Dubai to study makeup artistry at Joe Blasco Makeup Academy. She started her blog Huda Beauty to be able to connect with beauty lovers internationally and share news about all different kinds of beauty. She had a vision for a global platform where she could reach women all over the world and help them to feel beautiful. She gained success by offering her honest opinions and recommendations as well as easy to follow advice. Through the blog, she gained an organic following of people who were interested in what she had to say about beauty. 

Huda had always been obsessed with false lashes and has been wearing them daily since she was a teenager. When she became a makeup artist and was working on clients, she was never satisfied with the style and quality of lashes that were available at the time so she often ended up stacking and customizing the lashes herself to suit the client's eye shape. Huda cites her sister Mona as being a key driving force in launching Huda Beauty as she always has been very good with business and coming up with revolutionary ideas. After Huda received multiple inquiries about lashes that she had customized for clients, Mona suggested that Huda start her own line, which she later hand designed herself. The line was then released at Sephora in the Dubai Mall.  

When coming up with ideas, Huda tries to raise the bar and fill a gap in the market. Because Huda personally wears all of her products on a daily basis, she makes sure that they're of the best quality. She grabs inspiration anywhere she can, capturing ideas in a sketchbook and developing the idea into a product that is revolutionary and different to what already exists.  

A typical day for Huda involves many tasks. She's a firm believer in routines and planning. Although she spends most of her time in meetings, she sets aside time for personal planning in the morning and evening. Once she gets to the office, she always sets aside 30 minutes to plan for the day ahead and get into the right mindset. After those 30 minutes are up, she's flooded with meeting after meeting for everything from Product Development, to Retail, to Finance, Marketing, and HR. Between these meetings, she tries to eat and shoot content for social media (which she often does during meetings as well). 

Once the day is done, Huda has an hour of me-time when she gets home to reflect on the day and unwind. She then spends time with her family and her daughter, Nour. Huda finds herself to he most productive at night when her family is sleeping and everything is quiet. "It's like I'm in a vortex," says Huda, "everything is so peaceful." She says she gets her best ideas for product development at that time and often ends up with swatches all up her arms and legs from new products she and her team are working on. "When I created our Faux Mink Lash Farah, I was up until 8:30 AM designing it and when I finally finished it, I woke Chris up almost crying from excitement!" says Huda. 

Huda's favorite Huda Beauty product is her line of Liquid Matte Lipsticks. Her Liquid Mattes are infused with an exclusive oil complex created to help hydrate the lips rather than dry them out like other liquid lipsticks. "The formula was sooo hard to make and we haven't found another Liquid Lipstick that comes close to our formula," says Huda, "I love that the color stays on all day, they're super comfortable, and I'm obsessed with the shade range."

This year, Huda Beauty has launched into a new product category with the imminent launch of their Foundation. They took over a year developing and perfecting their formula and later almost another year to create the shade range. Huda can't wait to finally release it to market and share it with the world. 

Huda's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs? "Be ready to sacrifice a lot, and that sometimes means passing up awesome opportunities. When you really want something, you have to work for it. You need to push through it and never give up. Keep focused, and only do it if you are 100% passionate about it.