Indie Lee

Meet Indie Lee, founder of the eponymous organic skincare line, Indie Lee. Indie's inspiration to start her brand came out of a very personal life experience.


In 2008, Indie was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She had been losing vision in her left eye and knew something was off. "I didn’t understand why this was happening to me,  but I was going to figure it out and make good come from it." says Lee. After being told by countless doctors that there was little that could be done, Indie decided to spend the time she had with her children and loved ones. She had been told that she could have as little as 6 months left, but through it all, Lee had decided to stay positive. She had always been a healthy person and avid gardener, she had even built a 750 square foot greenhouse in her backyard, equipped with a chandelier. 

Indie had read, researched, and was constantly asking questions. She was an active and healthy person that couldn't quite understand why this was happening to her. She was later told by her neuro-endocrinologist that a lot of cases are tied to environment and that it could be as simple as what she was putting on her skin, the body's largest organ. Indie continued her research and realized that her skincare routine was the only thing that she hadn't considered in her healthy lifestyle. Still, Indie stayed positive and chose to fight. She found a doctor who was willing to operate on her, stating that there was a 40% chance Indie would wake up from surgery. 


She later woke up from surgery tumor-free and decided that from that day forward, it would be her mission to create change in the industry and create non-toxic beauty products that works. Indie believes that her brand is about, "so much more than putting products on a shelf." She built a brand that she stands by through and through, and a line of products that she uses on a daily basis. Every morning, Indie takes a shower and washes her face with her Rosehip or her Brightening Cleanser. Post shower, she slathers herself in body oil from the neck down, and on her face, she tones with her CoQ-10 Toner, following it up with a mix of her Squalane Facial Oil and her Swiss Apple Serum, combining a drop of each in the palm of her hand. 

Indie believes that health and beauty start from the inside, and keeping a clean gut through healthy eating is really important. She starts her mornings off with a smoothie or juice freshly made every morning with seasonal, organic ingredients. Indie is also a big believer in self-care and follows a "Spa Day Sunday" routine in her own home. She cleans her makeup brushes, applies a face mask, and takes a bath with a mix of natural salts. "These things are as good for your skin as they are for your mind to recenter and relax." says Indie Lee.