Jaime Maser of Maser Communications


Meet Jaime Maser, founder of Maser Communications, a PR and communications firm specializing in Beauty and Lifestyle. Jaime is best known for handling press for up and coming beauty brands such as Farmacy Beauty and BeautyRx by Dr.Schultz. 

Jaime got her start in the industry after she graduated from Boston University College of Communications with her degree in PR. During her time in college, she had completed multiple internships including one at a small agency in Sydney, Australia, and another at the Boston Visitors and Convention Bureau. After graduating, she was hired as an Account Associate in Lifestyle and Consumer Goods at Manning, Selvage, and Lee. She was assigned tasks like typing up meeting agendas, and faxing out media alerts to news stations, but no matter the task, Jaime always did her job to the best of her ability, garnering a reputation among her bosses for being hardworking and eager to excel. 

Maser ultimately felt that in order to move forward in her career, she'd have to take the leap and move to New York City. In 2002, she left Boston, moved to New York and started working at Kaplow Communications, taking on her first beauty brands and working with accounts like Shiseido. Since then, she's continued to carve her path in the beauty industry. 

BeautyRx Peel Bar

BeautyRx Peel Bar

Jaime prides herself in being uber-efficient, respectful, tenacious, and thorough with her clients and with the media. She has meaningful connections with the press that she's worked hard to cultivate over the past 17 years. She chooses to think of herself as an extension of the brand, and service them as if she worked in-house. When working with a new client, she does a deep dive with them to ensure that she's able to convey the brand's vibe when she's pitching and engaging media on their behalf, fully immersing herself in the brand and their culture, trying her best to get a full understanding of their brand DNA, ethos, language, style, and visuals. Jaime needs to understand who their consumers are, both psychographically and demographically, along with their communications goals and how those play into their overall goals as a business. She verses herself in the brand's strengths and weaknesses, using this insight to ensure that she's able to pitch the brand and tell their stories appropriately.

PLANTED IN BEAUTY by WELL WITHIN (Photo by: Ana Gambuto) 

PLANTED IN BEAUTY by WELL WITHIN (Photo by: Ana Gambuto) 

Because the beauty industry is such a crowded space, it's a hustle for Jaime to ensure that her clients stand out and remain relevant. 

Jaime's advice to aspiring PR moguls? "This is very much a relationship field," says Jaime, "Remember that like attracts like. People (and brands)
are attracted to good, kind, talented, detail-oriented, thoughtful people."