Jené Roestorf of Luxe Botanics

Jené Roestorf is the founder and CEO of Luxe Botanics, an organic skincare line centered on core botanicals from Africa and Brazil.

Jené obtained two university degrees in Nanotechnology and Biotechnology which she says helped her decipher the scientific literature around organic and natural skincare. Her understanding of ingredients and Chemistry allows her to separate marketing and green-washing from scientific truth. 


Consumers are growing increasingly more educated about the products they're using. As the beauty industry undergoes a revolution, brands have been forced to revisit the types of ingredients traditionally used and how their products are made. Jené's background in Science also came in handy when it came to formulation. She managed to bring to market a full-fledged botanical skincare line in just over a year where it would take most larger companies 2-3 years. 

Jené takes pride in having built a socially conscious company that protects the environment and harvests their core botanicals organically. Luxe Botanics also gives back to local communities in Africa through their partnership with the non-profit Buy1Give1. 


Roestorf was born in South Africa and now lives in Lisbon, Portugal. Luxe Botanics was born in Singapore, but has grown to be a globally recognized brand. Jené and the Luxe Botanics continue to work expand the brand internationally, spreading the word at conventions and expositions. They made an appearance at the Indie Beauty Expo in LA and plan on attending the New York Exposition. The brand Also has new products in the works to be launched this year so stay tuned!