Jennifer Brodeur, Celebrity Esthetician


Meet Jennifer Brodeur, founder of Peoni Skincare and esthetician to some of the world's most powerful women including Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama. 

Jennifer got into the skincare industry over 20 years ago, after years of wanting to be a lawyer as a child. As a teenager, she was influenced by the mother of a close friend of hers who had always been deeply entrenched in the world of skincare and beauty. Jennifer had always been so enamored by her friend's mother and the way she took care of her skin and her body and Jennifer later decided that this was what she wanted to pursue as a career. 

She obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Teaching specializing in Chemistry and Biology, and went on to teach skincare for 7 years. As time went on, Jennifer felt like she wasn't really fulfilling her purpose to have an impact on the industry and really make a difference the way she had envisioned. 

She decided to create Max+, a skincare machine that uses LED light in varying colors to target various skin concerns like acne, uneven complexion, and texture. In 2009, Jennifer started her skin clinic here in Quebec, doing consultations as well as using the Max+ device on clients herself. She was then approached by Oprah Winfrey's team and asked to give an introduction of her technology to Oprah and discuss having a Max+ machine installed for her personal use. 

After wowing Oprah with the Max+ technology, Jennifer was hired as Oprah's personal esthetician and "skin guru". She was later given a recommendation and had the opportunity to have Michelle Obama test out the Max+ machine, and went on to install one at the White House, specially training staff to operate the machine so that the First Lady could be treated right at home. 


Jennifer recalls her first encounter with Oprah, having her own skin being examined with Winfrey's eyes at near proximity. Brodeur has made a name for herself working with the world's most powerful women of color and tending to their skin needs, a segment that's often overlooked despite the fact that women of color can have vastly different skin needs. 

Jennifer was prompted to create a skincare line of her own by Oprah and was inspired by the grace of former First Lady Michelle Obama to formulate a line that was equally graceful. She came up with the idea for Peoni, with the basis of the line being Peony Extract taken from the root of the flower, along with green tea. Brodeur launched Peoni as a 4 piece line of essentials, comprised of a cleanser, an essence, a serum, and a moisturizer. The products were featured in Oprah's Favorite Things, which Jennifer cites as being one of her biggest accomplishments in her career. 


This Fall, Peoni will be launching 4 new key products that she holds very close to her heart, the brand's very first candle will be released, along with a multivitamin, as Jennifer is equally conscious about what she puts in her body and how it affects her skin. Brodeur paid homage to her Scandinavian grandmother and roots with the use of Lingonberry extract, a small but powerful touch that makes the line of products even more sentimental for her. 

Looking forward, Jennifer hopes to continue working with strong and powerful women who share her mission of women's empowerment. She is often asked to speak publically and share her story with audiences internationally, Jennifer wants to lecture globally and spread her message, inspiring women all around the world to take risks and achieve their dreams through hard work and determination. Jennifer's advice to young aspiring skin gurus ? "Educate yourself and do your research. Be the best at what you do and surround yourself with good people."