Jessica Desjardins of Beautezine

Meet Jessica Desjardins, the founder and director of

As the head woman in charge, Jessica is responsible for photography, writing, editing, web design, graphic design, social media, as well just managing the day to day operations of the business. Wearer of many hats, Desjardins humbly refers to herself as a digital content creator and entrepreneur. 

Jessica founded Beautezine in 2011 after having been an active member in beauty forums where she would discuss new products, share swatches and give advice to other beauty lovers. She later graduated from forums to beauty blogs and decided she wanted to join the crowd of up and coming bloggers. She later moved to Toronto to really immerse herself in the industry and to facilitate the growth of her brand.

Just a year before starting Beautezine, Desjardins had graduated from University of Ottawa with a BSc. in Health Sciences. Jessica says her original plan was to become a doctor and so she studied Science and worked in laboratories. Though she's not working in the field, she says her background really helped her develop a thorough understanding of the Science behind beauty products and their ingredients. 

Now 28, Jessica has grown Beautezine to be a larger than life beauty website quite beyond what she imagined when she ventured out to start a blog. Looking forward, she hopes to continue working on projects in the digital media industry and add a few other projects to the mix while continuing to grow the Beautezine team. 

Looking to dine in Toronto? Jessica recommends Lee on King Street, Figo for Italian food, and Mildred's Temple Kitchen in Liberty Village. "Delysées has the best croissants and Milano makes a fantastic Americano."


Jessica's must-have for running a website from top to bottom is her iMac 27'' 5K computer. For photo editing, she recently switched from Photoshop to Affinity Photo and she used Final Cut Pro for editing video. 

She looks up to Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr, the co-founders of Clique Media Group as amazing pioneers of the beauty and lifestyle website industry. 

Jessica's advice to young bloggers? 

Be flexible, listen for change in the industry, be quick and agile. Digital media is an incredible industry but it’s changing all the time and it’s important to stay on top. Develop new skills and nurture the ones you already have. I think being able to wear a variety of different hats and bring a bunch of different skills to the table is something so valuable today.

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