Jessica Helps of Wolfe Interior Design

Meet Jessica Helps, founder of Wolfe Interior Design and an interior designer who specializes in health and wellness interiors. Jessica uses the scientific principals of Biophilic Design, Environmental Psychology, research based practices to guide her designs, and to create effective environments which can pinpoint a desired outcome. For example, they may be geared to increase restoration and have a calming effect on a person's biology. These environments can also increase positive interactions and improve moods, maximize productivity, improve family dynamics, enhance education, or even expedite patient healing times in a care facility. Essentially, Jessica uses science to design interior environments that function on a superior level and makes those spaces as beautiful as possible. 


Jessica got her start in the industry after graduating from OCAD University in Toronto with her Bachelor's in Environmental Design and Architecture. She worked in Set Design before quickly realizing that it wasn't for her, but landed her first interior design gig through a connection she made on the job. In 2016, Jessica founded her company Wolfe ID because she wanted to be a champion for healthy interior design. "People don't realize the interiors they spend all of their time in could be greatly improving their quality of life. By improving acoustics, lighting control, air and water quality and incorporation of natural elements we affect ourselves on a biological, psychological and neurochemical level. The science behind the beauty, can be used to create superior living, working and playing environments for humans." says Jessica. 

Though every day for Jessica is different, she gets to her studio by 7AM, drinks coffee, and then gets to work with presentations, choosing material samples, hopping on phone calls, trades, and site meetings. Jessica started Wolfe ID because she wanted to spend the majority of her life fulfilling a need within her to be immensely creative through designing beautiful environments that positively affect the people who use them. "Put it this way," says Jessica,"if I won the lottery, you'd still find me at Wolfe's headquarters at 7AM the next day... I'd just have a much more expensive desk chair!"

Jessica's process when working with clients involves a lot of hands on work and really getting to know the client she's working for. "I like to get to know my clients to the point where I consider our working relationship to be a collaboration." says Jessica. 

Looking forward, Jessica will be working on a couple of cafés, along with some Scandinavian inspired residences, a beach house in the Hamptons, and some up and coming fitness facilities.  Jessica would like to be designing interiors for projects with other people who want to focus on the quality of what they are building and who they are building for. She wants to collaborate with clients who want to create a legacy for themselves of knowing they built homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, and retail facilities with integrity and for the purpose of improving the lives of other humans. Jessica hopes to be spreading the word and educating people on how to do more than just make spaces beautiful, but make interior environments that are smarter and healthier.