Kara Sutton of Clique Media Group


Meet Kara Sutton, Brand Strategy Manager at Clique Media Group. It's Kara's job to strategize the best ways for advertising partners to work with Who What Wear. She conceptualizes ideas for all types of clients from IKEA to Dior, based on what their advertising goals are. 

Kara got her start at an LA ad agency, answering phones and delivering packages. At the time, she was barely scraping together enough money to pay her rent, and took on extra side jobs to get by, like nannying, freelance comedy writing, and editing. She developed a strong work ethic that's stuck with her to this day. 


Though every day is different for Kara, a typical day involves around 3-4 brainstorms for different clients, and working on coming up with new and exciting ideas that go beyond just buying media for the sites. Kara spends a lot of time in keynote, turning those ideas into proposals that can be then sent over to clients for approval. 

Kara cites continuing to generate good ideas as the hardest part of her job. "Some days you're not feeling inspired, but still need to come up with something." says Sutton. She tries to stay inspired by exposing herself to a lot and learning from the people around her. She also tries not to be afraid of voicing bad ideas - "bad ideas can spark good ideas". Kara is proud to see ideas come to life and to get to work with a team of smart and innovative people. 

Kara's advice to aspiring advertising executives? "You have to be the CEO of your own career." says Sutton. "Nobody cares about your career the way you care about your career. I think one of the mistakes I made was thinking if I just put my head down and worked really hard that people would just notice one day and everything would fall into place. I realized everybody is busy and you have to ask for what you want, ask for feedback, bring your accomplishments to people's attention, and volunteer yourself to help out all the time."

Looking forward, Kara hopes to continue on her path of working in a field and position where she feels challenged. She ultimately hopes to become and entrepreneur and be running her own company somewhere down the line and doing work that's meaningful.