Kate Roebuck

Kate Roebuck is an artist living in Tennessee. Part of Ban.Do's girl gang, you may have seen her work in the Ban.Do yearly planners. Her happy, colorful illustrations are a staple to Kate Roebuck Designs.

The young painter turned mompreneur extraordinaire, gave birth to her son Ezra last December and her life has changed ever since. 

Roebuck studied textile design at the University of Georgia and believes that she got to where she is today through not only hard work and perseverance, but by not falling prey to the comparison trap. Kate considers herself to be successful only because she truly loves what she does and because being happy in her career is her ultimate measurement of success.

Though things are so busy as a mom, artist, and entrepreneur, little things such as bringing her son into the studio help her meld her two worlds in a way that isn't overwhelming. Being a mom is a job that never really stops, especially with newborns, and for her to be able to not lose track of her creativity and drive amidst that is admirable. 

Kate also credits her mentors. Women like Katherine and Susan Hable who have inspired Roebuck's vision and love for patterns and prints. She describes her art as modern and upbeat. Kate has a love for gold leaf and says that in her kit of essentials are endless paintbrushes and a pair of good fabric scissors (she exclaims the difference between fabric scissors and regular scissors is important to note!!).

Her advice to aspiring artists is to surround yourself with like-minded creative people and to not compare yourself and your work to that of others. 

You can buy Kate's art on her website at kateroebuckstudio.com and follow her on Instagram @kateroebuck.