Kirsten King of OILLE


Meet Kirsten King, the CEO and founder of OILLE, a skincare company specializing in organic and natural products. 

Kirsten started OILLE in 2012 while pregnant with her daughter. She became hyper-aware of what she was putting on and in her body and decided to become a proactive member of the natural and organic community. She left her job as a photoshoot producer for Fortune 500 companies in New York City and became a clinical aromatherapist.

Amidst this career switch, Kirsten started learning about essential oils and the unauthenticated oils plaguing the industry. She became passionate about finding a solution and discovered that the only way to tell pure essential oils from diluted oils is through GC/MS technology which involves breaking the oils apart to analyze the chemical makeup of oil. 


Kirsten's products are not only GC/MS tested, but she also sources the best and highest quality oils to provide a luxurious experience in organic skincare.
This quality comes at a price. With OILLE's average serum going for $134 for 2 ounces, it's definitely an investment. Kirsten says that her products are targeted at organic skincare veterans, people who are educated in organic beauty. OILLE is not intended to be an introduction to natural skincare, but rather for the women and men who know a thing or two about what is going into their products and can appreciate OILLE's rigorous formulation, their attention to detail, and dedication to quality.


OILLE is a one woman show, with Kirsten in charge of not only administration, but creative direction, package design, advertising, and so much more. She utilizes her background in creative direction as well as her Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts to manage the brand's image. She likes to keep it clean, classic, and unisex. Veering away from organic beauty's stereotypical earthy bohemian aesthetic. 

This year, OILLE is rebranding and is set to launch a line of creams to be introduced in Summer 2017.

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