Lacey Claire Rogers, Model

Meet Lacey Claire Rogers, model, social media influencer and America's Next Top Model Cycle 22 finalist. The Arkansas native started modeling during her Junior year in high school, working with a friend who was a local photographer. Lacey would go home and plan out photoshoots rather than hanging out with friends, and later became well known in Arkansas small creative circle. She got signed to an Arkansas based modelling agency and made it her goal to collaborate with as many photographers as possible and grow her portfolio. 

In a career changing and controversial move, Lacey skipped school for a photoshoot that ultimately led to her being scouted for America's Next Top Model. In Fall of 2014, Lacey was a  Senior in high school and was picked as part of Cycle 22's top 30. In Spring of 2015, she left school for 2 months to be on the show, coming back just in time for graduation. Lacey notes being very nervous after being casted, being separated from her friends and family back home with no outside communication. She compared the experience to sleep-away camp, being in a co-ed house with strangers and having to move past her introverted tendencies. The season aired Summer 2015, in the height of Instagram and the rise of social media influencers, Lacey began to notice exponential growth in her following and reach as the episodes went live. 

After graduating, Lacey moved to Los Angeles full-time and enrolled in college, studying Communications. She balances school and work, taking on modelling jobs and focusing on doing more for brands as an influencer. Her Instagram is a mix of professional photos and iPhone shots. She edits her photos using the VSCO app and the C1, E1, E4, and Q3 filters. She launched her blog and her YouTube channel, and loves to sit down and talk to her audience directly, sharing personal stories and anecdotes, as well as offering advice. 

The 20 year old aims to continuing being genuine as she grows her audience and advances in her career.  Though she ran with the momentum she gained from being on America's Next Top Model, she's managed to prove herself as so much more. She has built a brand for herself outside ANTM and looks forward to having a long-lasting career.