Lacey Ryan, Jewelry Designer


Meet Lacey Ryan, a cutting-edge jewelry designer based out of New York City, and founder of Lacey Ryan Jewelry. 

Lacey began making jewelry as a hobby when she was only 9 years old, and participated in her first craft fair at 12, slowly learning that it was possible to earn money while pursuing a passion project. Once in college, Lacey founded her company and launched her e-commerce website,, in her Junior year at Syracuse University. 

After graduating, she travelled the United States, touring college towns and setting up jewelry parties in sororities. A year later, she returned to New York City, and got to work with jewelry sales reps and showrooms, growing Lacey Ryan Jewelry as a brand and wholesaling to retailers. 

What Lacey believes sets her brands apart from others is her good eye for spotting trends and her willingness to take risks to create things that customers will enjoy. She keeps her jewelry designs clean, exciting, and affordable so that her customers can own more than one piece and layer them easily. 

Looking forward, Lacey hopes to continue growing Lacey Ryan Jewelry as a brand, and open more retail accounts on the West Coast and Internationally. Her upcoming Fall and Holiday collection will be launching soon, and she plans on visiting Morocco to gain inspiration for her Spring/Summer '18 collection which she claims will be heavily influenced by Moroccan details and style. 

Lacey's advice to aspiring designers? "You have to get creative and do all that you can do to make it work!" says Lacey, "It takes time, trial, and error, but believe in your work and set realistic goals and expectations."