Leigh Olsen of Hempme

Meet Leigh Olsen, co-founder and director of Hempme, an Australian-based brand of organic skincare featuring Hemp Seed Oil. 


Leigh founded Hempme with her partner Alec after bouncing around the idea of starting a business and working for themselves. They decided to research an ingredient they already knew and loved, and as they dug deeper into their research about Hemp Seed Oil, they found a treasure trove of information. They found that the misinformation surrounding the plant has led to it being underutilized and they wanted to help educate and set the record straight on what they consider to be nature's most versatile plant. 

Leigh and Alec launched the brand with only one product - a certified organic Face Cream made with Cold-Pressed Organic Hemp Seed Oil. 


Leigh's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to just go for it. "Take the step!" says Leigh, "That's the hardest part. Google is your friend. Be grateful for and utilize the support that wonderful friends and family offer."

A typical day for Leigh involves a morning workout, heading to her day job at a technology company,  and then working into the night on Hempme. Her nights consist of business/product development and research, fulfilling orders, marketing and design tasks, social media, and answering emails among other things. 

Looking forward, Hempme is currently in the process of developing the brand's second product, a Certified Organic Face Cleanser. Leigh hopes to make Hempme an internationally recognized brand.