Lorelei Orfeo of Birchbox

You may have seen her in Birchbox's monthly sneak peek videos telling us what goodies we can expect to find in our boxes, or on the Birchbox Instagram showing off her latest beauty loves in cute shots and Boomerangs.

Lorelei Orfeo is Birchbox's social media Queen. She has her hands all over the booming beauty subscription e-commerce company's creative content.

Having obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Communication at Denison University, working in Social Media is right up Orfeo's alley. However, she says that what she didn't learn in school was how to work with and adapt to today's ever evolving technology and that it's something we've all had to teach ourselves. 

Lorelei's job involves scheduling posts for the Birchbox Instagram using Dash Hudson, maintaining Birchbox's creative vision and aesthetic in their online content, helping produce videos, writing monthly features and daily posts for the Birchbox blog, and so, so much more. 

Lorelei has been with Birchbox since it was a baby start up and has watched it grow into what it is today. She gets to work with the endlessly talented Birchbox power squad made up of creative gals of all ages like Juliette Dallas-Feeney, Katia Beauchamp, and Hayley Barna. 

Orfeo says she's been inspired by all the amazing women she's surrounded by and looks up to the people she works with every day. Women like Mollie Chen who actually was the one to hire Lorelei at Birchbox years ago. 

What you don't know about Lorelei is that she has a passion for jewelry. Costume jewelry, dainty jewelry, statement jewelry, the whole lot. 

In the coming year, look out for your favorite quirky blonde in more Birchbox videos and a jewelry blog from Orfeo, highlighting cute bling from both indie designers and major brands.