Lucie Fink of Refinery29

Meet Lucie Fink, a video producer for Refinery29 and the creator of the wildly popular R29 Youtube series, "Try Living With Lucie".

Lucie was hired at Refinery29 in 2015 to be a part of their video team and produce content for their YouTube channel. As a video producer, Lucie not only stars in videos, but also comes up with new ideas, executes them, and edits the videos as well. Lucie works with a team including a cameraman who helps her capture her ideas on video.

The Try Living With Lucie series was born from an idea Lucie came up with in college. In the series, Fink takes on 5 day challenges that get her out of her comfort zone. Lucie has done everything from 5 days of waking up at 5AM to 5 days without sugar to 5 days living on $50.

Lucie's goal is to open herself up to new experiences, break from her routine, and find new ways to live a happy, healthy, and productive life, as well as inspire others to do the same. Lucie says her favorite Try Living With Lucie episode to date was 5 days of facing her fears. Lucie tackled her biggest fears on camera, from reading hate comments aloud to holding a tarantula. The video attracted a lot of positive feedback from viewers stating that it inspired them to face their own fears, which is exactly what Lucie hopes to accomplish with the series.

As Refinery29's YouTube presence continues to grow, Try Living With Lucie prevails as the most popular series on the channel. Try Living With Lucie recently won 2 Telly Awards for Best Lifestyle Content and Best Webseries. Another big win for Lucie and the series, Delta Airlines now showcases Try Living With Lucie as part of their In-Flight Entertainment for passengers. Tens of thousand of jetsetting Delta customers now have the option of watching Lucie at high altitude. 

When Lucie's not working, she makes stop-motion animation videos which involves combining hundreds of photos in which objects make micro movements to create the illusion of live action. 

When asked to examine her position as a video producer at Refinery29, versus independent YouTube content creators, Lucie notes how lucky she is to work for a company that supports her creative expression. She appreciates that she's given the tools and platform to bring her ideas to life, and how receptive the R29 management is to her opinions. These factors, she acknowledges, make for a productive and supportive environment that allows her to thrive in a way that would be infinitely harder on her own.

Looking forward, Lucie would like to continue making content that inspires others to work toward being better versions of themselves. 

Watch Lucie on Refinery29's YouTube channel HERE and follow Lucie on instagram @luciebfink