Lucy Moon

Lucy Moon is a British YouTuber and Blogger. She makes videos based on her life experiences about youth and what it is to be a woman in this age. 

Her videos range from Chatty Get Ready With Me vlogs where she puts on makeup while chatting with her audience about what's on her mind and what's happening in society, to her 168 Hours videos where she documents her life in a mini-documentary style. Her channel to date has almost 200,000 subscribers. She uses this platform to inspire others and talk about feminism, as well as talk about things she struggles with that might be considered taboo among bloggers, such as her experiences with alcoholism.

She walks the line of being open and yet reserved about her personal life, a line that many public figures tend to struggle with. As much as we get to see of Lucy on the Internet and otherwise, there is still so much to learn. Complex and beautiful in her character, meet Lucy Moon.

I asked Lucy some questions about herself and some of her favourite things. Read below to see what she had to say. 

What got you into YouTube? 

When I was thirteen, I was hanging out with my friend Fabienne and she showed me Mitchell Davis's videos. From there, I found Charlie McDonnell and other creators, and they eventually inspired me to start making videos.

How has the growth of your channel changed you as a person? 

I don't think the channel has changed me so much as I have naturally changed over time anyway. The things in my life that shape me are learning experiences from my personal relationships, not YouTube as that functions as the creative constant in my life.

Do you consider your age an advantage or a setback in your career? 

A huge advantage, as it enabled me to find the right platform for my creativity at the right time. Whilst I'm not taken as seriously on the business side of things, likely due to my age and my gender, I think that many of the people youtubers work with are impressed at how much they have achieved at such a young age.

Where do you see yourself in say 5 years? 

I have absolutely no idea! I'd like to be making documentaries, or at least be on a path where I was working towards that goal. I'd also like to be saving for a home.

Some of your favourite YouTubers? 

I love so many creators, I'm subscribed to over 500. I really love Shope Delano and Sairassecret at the moment, along with Bertie Gilbert's new take on vlogging and NerdWriter1's video essays.

Favourite places in London? 

Bone Daddies do the best ramen.

Are you a city girl or a country girl? 

I'm such a city girl it hurts. Never take me to the country, it will drive me crazy.

All time favourite books? 

The Faber book of love poetry is an amazing anthology, perfect for an introduction to the genre or just for a literature lover. I will also always have a special place in my heart for The Great Gatsby.

What's the cheesiest bit of life advice you can think of? 

You don't grow when you're comfortable.

Do you consider yourself successful in your career thus far? 

I think I've become a relatively successful YouTuber, but that does not necessarily equate to a successful career. I hope to build a successful career from good foundations.

What would you attribute your success to? 

My audience. You can't get feedback and grow, both numerically and creatively, without people watching.

Career Role Model? 

 I love what Grace Victory is doing at the moment with her platform. She's working to raise awareness of social issues alongside building an amazing career as a documentary maker.

What inspires you to create?

Music, a lot of the time. Life going on around me. Other YouTubers. Good storytelling.

Advice you'd give to someone wanting to pursue a similar path? 

It doesn't happen all at once, and that's a good thing. All the videos you make will be practice, and when you're ready an audience will come. Even if they don't, you've developed so much creatively and that's great in itself.

One thing you wish you had learned in school that you weren't taught?

I wish we had been taught about taxes. I'm totally lost on all of this and I need to learn fast!

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