Amy Briant and Lisa Delarco Bonoff of LUMION Skin


Meet Amy and Lisa, co-founders of LUMIONskin, an innovative skincare line that features ingredients that mimic the body's immune system. 

LUMIONskin launched in August 2016, after Lisa and Amy met on a plane in 2011. Amy Briant owns multiple fitness studios in Southern California, and was suffering from skin issues due constantly being in a hot and sweaty studio. Her father had convinced her to start using his own proprietary formula on her skin, and she quickly noticed a difference in the health in her skin and its glowy-ness. Lisa was an account director at a marketing firm at the time, working with beauty brands and retailers, having always had an entrepreneurial itch that she never acted on. When the pair met by chance on a plane, they struck up a conversation about beauty and wellness, and not only became best friends in the process, but business partners. 


What separates  LUMION from other brands is their unique ingredient, Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL), which is also known as the body's own healing agent which works in conjunction with Oxygen to mimic the immune system. "LUMION can be a healthy addition to your already established beauty routine," says the brand's founders, "unlike other products where you have to choose, LUMION should be considered an addition to your lifestyle. Beauty starts with healthy skin."

Because LUMION is the first 100% cosmetic brand to include Hypochlorus Acid (HOCL) in its formula, the hardest part of Amy and Lisa's job consists of educating consumers and teaching them about an ingredient they've never heard of. "But once they understand it and how effective it is, they become customers for life." says Amy Briant. 

Having just celebrated the brand's one year anniversary, the girls are gearing up and carving themselves a permanent spot in the beauty industry, solidifying their place as not only entrepreneurs, but pioneers and innovators in skincare. Amy and Lisa's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs? "Do your homework, known your market and stay on target. It's also important to have resilience and a strong belief in what you are doing because there will always be doubters. People that doubt you should drive you."

Looking forward, Lisa, Amy, and the LUMION team are working on a special new product that will focus on getting rid of breakouts and blemishes. Their ultimate goal is to turn LUMION into a household name and get their products into the hands of consumers worldwide.