Manon Von Csiky-Sessoms of Back to Basics Skincare


Meet Manon Von Csiky-Sessoms, founder of Back to Basics Skincare, a line of 100% Plant based, potent, and effective skincare. Manon started Back to Basics after struggling with her skin and suffering from constant breakouts. She needed something to help her with scarring and hyperpigmentation, and had been suggested to try Vitamin E Oil by her father. It worked wonders at healing a scar, which lead Manon to decide that she wanted to create natural formulas, and a line of affordable natural products, all under $50. 

Back to Basics provides handcrafted facial oils that have been formulated to fit into any skincare routine. Manon designed the line to ensure that all of the oils could be mixed and matched to play well with each other as well as other products, and work both under makeup, as well as on their own. The unisex line is created in small handmade batches, and is essential oil free to prevent irritation. 

When creating a new product, Manon first decides what need she's trying to meet with the product, and what issue she's trying to address, whether that be acne, dry skin, scars, or eczema. She then assesses each ingredient individually and what it adds to the formula, working through a trial and error system and vigorous testing before a product is ready to be sold. 


When choosing ingredients to work with in a formula, Manon likes to evaluate the properties of each oil. "One of my favorites is Kiwi Seed Oil," says Manon, "It does so many wonderful things! It can help improve elasticity, as well as reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It's an ultra-nourishing oil that helps to retain moisture in the skin."

For her own skin, she personally loves her Rosehip Radiance Oil. "It's the perfect everyday oil. It not only hydrates, but my skin always looks its best when I'm wearing it. It also helped to get rid of my hyperpigmentation - even marks that were a few years old!"

Looking forward, Manon hopes to have grown Back to Basics to be an internationally recognized brand with a wide array of products that work for a multitude of skin types.