Melanie Simon of ZIIP Beauty

Meet Melanie Simon, world renowned electrical esthetician, and creator and CEO of ZIIP Beauty. Melanie specializes in building electrical waveforms that she puts into the skin to create desired outcomes such as using negative waveforms to combat acne and kill the positively charged bacteria in the skin. She does this using a mix of micro and nano currents, and altering waveform variables such as shape, direction, frequency, and charge to achieve these results. Melanie has dedicated her career of over 15 years to determining how these variations create different results. The ZIIP is a beauty tool that allows you to put Melanie's signature electrical cocktails into your skin with the help of an app that allows you to choose your desired program and tailor your treatment to your needs. 

Melanie has always been really passionate about skincare, and went to cosmetology school to obtain her license as an esthetician. She didn't know exactly what she'd do with the license, or have a plan, but she knew that it was something that really interested her.


She had a small nest egg of $70,000 which she had made at 24, selling the house she bought when she was 19. She decided to invest this money by entering the skincare world. She moved to Santa Barbara with her then boyfriend, now husband, from Mammoth Lakes, California. She knew that there's wasn't enough potential for lucrative business and needed to move to a larger city. She opened her first space where she offered products from Biologique Recherche, along their their facial device called the "Remodeling Face Machine". The company had sent someone in from Paris to teach her how to use the incredibly complex and difficult to use machine, which had Melanie worried that she wouldn't get the hang of it.

As time went on, Melanie continued to work on the machine and saw the magic that electricity was able to work on the skin. She continued to research electrical studies on the skin and found a book called, "The Body Electric". From this, she learned that the lower range of current, nano current, provides more cumulative and long term effects. She purchased a few more professional devices that she found had nano-range waveforms. 


Melanie started ZIIP as a result of receiving emails from women all around the world asking how they could get the facials she was performing. She would receive calls from people who were willing to travel and squeeze themselves into her fully booked schedule. She felt that she couldn't help the women who weren't able to come and see her. She always said that when the time came around, she would invent a device that was modern, chic, and could deliver more than one program to the client. She had a vision for the ZIIP. 

The struggle came when Melanie had to face that alone, she was just an esthetician specializing in building these electrical waveforms, but knew nothing about designing a tool or finding a way to make the tool communicate with an app so that she could give her customer more than one treatment and could give them video support of her doing the treatments at the same time. She searched endlessly for a business partner to no avail. Melanie recalls the day she was in tears on the phone with her lifelong best friend telling her about how she couldn't find the right partner. Her friend had suggested that Melanie ask their younger brother, Dave, who had a background in robotics and cloud computing, along with an MBA and a Master's in Product Development Engineering. It was a match made in Heaven. Dave and his wife Toni Mason help to run the day-to-day aspects of the business, which helps tremendously as Melanie balances working on ZIIP and running a full-time esthetician practice where she works with clients from sun up till sundown. 

Looking forward, Melanie is working on a neck treatment that will tackle the area under the chin, along with a pigmentation treatment that will combat discoloration and hyper-pigmentation. She and the ZIIP team are also working on formulating a new gel treatment that will focus on brightening the skin and will also work with even the most sensitive of skin. In the future, Melanie hopes to be working on a cure and reversal to aging skin. She truly believes that we have this capacity in our bodies, to regenerate and repair through electrical signals. Melanie hopes to find out exactly what that signal is. It is her lifelong dream to work with a team of the brightest minds and collaborate with them to unlock the genetic code.