Michal Cohen-Sagi of 58 Lifestyle

Meet Michal Cohen-Sagi, Founder of 58 Lifestyle, a  London-based wellbeing centre focused on 360 degrees of wellbeing, as well as a line of natural lifestyle products featuring a unique therapeutic scent. 

Michal got the idea for 58 Lifestyle when her husband, Noam, who is a psychotherapist, was talking to her about how lonely it is to be a therapist and that he had a dream to create a team of therapists of different disciplines collaborating in one space to help clients on multiple levels.  He described a gold fish in a fish bowl kind of concept in which each therapist was able to see a different angle and offer value in the way they see fit for the client. 


The pair launched Kingyo Therapy Suites (Kingyo is Japanese for Gold Fish), boasting 4 therapy rooms and approximately 10 different therapists working together and offering everything from psychotherapy and acupuncture, to nutrition, massage, and beauty. As they grew, they decided to target even more areas of concern. To accommodate this, they moved to their new location on 58 South Molton Street in London (hence the new name 58 Lifestyle), and offer 67 different types of therapy from over 100 different therapists.  

  When she first started 58 Lifestyle, she wanted to create a special scent for the therapy centre that would reflect the essence of relaxation, support, and balance that they were offering. She worked with an aromatherapist for over a year before they finally were able to get the scent down for their first two products - a diffuser oil and room mist. They later used the same scent for a hand cream and hand wash to be used in the centre, but after popular demand, decided to create an entire line that clients could take home and enjoy. 


Her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to define your Unique Selling Point. She recommends to, "believe in your products and have lots of passion - then be prepared for a long process." 

Michal and the 58 Lifestyle team are currently in the process of developing a luxury range that will stand alongside their existing line.  


Looking forward, Michal hopes to see 58 Wellbeing and 58 Lifestyle internationally, with centres in multiple markets as well as having their 58 Lifestyle products sold internationally.